By A.G. Martin

This year already, the words once held sacred by those of faith, now seem to be used flippantly with no regard to meaning or history. The term “Christian,” originally a derogatory utterance, at one time made its way to represent an individual of high moral character. Yet, this term has once again made its mark in being a group not to be associated with. Correction… those who hold to orthodox views of Christianity and take them seriously are not to be associated with. Instead, we are to be looked down upon and viewed as unloving bigots who hate all others. How ironic it is to be hated by those who claim we should “love” everyone. It would appear, and rightly so, that the only “Christians” that are viewed as acceptable in society are those who look like the world. Those who accept the sins of the world while hiding behind the deficient judgmental hermeneutic of “judge not lest ye be judged.” 

These so-called “Christ followers” who are accepted by the world neither know Christ in submissions to Him, nor know Him through honest study of His word. Rather, the “Christ” they claim to know is one that exists in mind only. This false view of Christianity is widely accepted due to popular middle-aged motivational speakers parading around as preachers dressed in a mid-life crisis as if they had just raided their teenage sons closet. In an attempt to be relevant to a younger generation they dilute and/or misuse the teachings of scripture (if they even open it) to feed the fleshly sinful desires of unregenerate hearts. God the Father never sent His Son to accept the very sins which hung Him to the cross. 

To hold to sins that God hates (which is all sin) and to apply the name of Christian to yourself is to lie and profane the name of Christ. If Christ died to make sin acceptable then He did so in vain. For Christ did not die in order to remove sins penalty for all to live as they feel. This makes a mockery of Christ’s atoning work. Pray for the souls of those who rely not upon God’s special revelation, but their own understanding. God expects nothing less than holiness from those who name Christ as savior. However, only those who are born from above can fulfill this requirement. For it is fulfilled only in submission to Christ Jesus as Lord.  

About the Author matteroftheology

In a culture where personal preference runs wild, it is important to look to what the bible says about topics talked about in our every day lives. On this page you can expect difficult topics to be examined and talked about. In writing it will not simply be my own personal preference. I have no right to push personal preference on anyone believer or not. However, if the bible is in fact the word of God, and God has spoken, then we need to know what He has said despite what our personal preferences might be.

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